Shitty First Draft

Anthony Franco
Marlen Harrison
Enc 1102
20 January 2018
Coach Talk
My research question is, what are the different aspects and different characteristics that a coach needs in order to be considered an ideal coach? Who ever wants to pursue a career as a soccer coach or any type of coach, this will help them open their eyes into all the sides of being coach, not just what we believe a coach is like. There is much more to coaching than what many kids my age would expect. Coaching is always about being positive and hoping for the best outcome, while researching I found this quote that say “if an individual doesn’t believe, they are unlikely to put in the time and effort necessary to accomplish the task” (competitor spot) which this struck me. If you as a coach believe you have a good team with good players, you will be willing to work with them and put in maximum effort into what you’re doing. Knowing about all the different attributes that takes to be a top coach is key into pursuing this career. Growing up I always enjoyed watching live soccer games and as I got older I started to analyze the games more as if I was some sort of coach or scout and right then and there I knew I wanted to pursue this career Watching Sir Alex Ferguson coach my favorite team Manchester United was always special. He was such a positive influence to all the players in his team, when he took over the team he brought nothing but success and today he is a legend. My love for this sport grew more as I got older and I am extremely passionate about soccer, I even got a soccer ball tattooed on me.
There are so many things a coach must have in order to have success with a team. Here i’m going to list some of the main qualities a coach should have; Be positive, smart, patient, proactive and coachable. No athlete wants a coach who isn’t positive, the point of being a coach is to motivate and help your players become better in training and in games, rather than criticizing the player every time they mess up give constructive feedback instead of giving negative comments. Also when the team spirit is down it is the coach’s job to lift it. Being smart doesn’t mean academically smart, that means to have a lot of knowledge in what you are teaching or coaching into these players. As a coach you should be able to analyze players and what they need in order to get better as well as being able to pick out your opponents weaknesses. Patience is is a key factor into being a good coach because success doesn’t come over night and being able to go through a whole season with ups and downs yet having the team ride for you as a coach is the best. Training on a weekly basis to improve kids and their skills is what will make a coach an excellent one. The gap I am going to fill is that I will be talking about the business side of being coach and what positives and negatives come with it. Most of the places I researched never talks about how being a coach is a business as well as a job. This research paper will talk about everything you need to know to become an ideal coach as well as what you need in order to survive coaching.

Who cares
How I relate
More to coaching
My favorite coach/inspiration
Qualities of a coach
Why they’re needed
How it makes you a good coach
Key characteristics
The gap i’m filling

Annotated Bibliography

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This websites gives me background on who I consider to be the greatest soccer coach of all time, a man who I personally look up to. It goes into detail about his lifestyle and how it influenced his coaching and how he became the greatest coach of all time.

What Makes a Great Soccer Coach | Skyline Soccer. (2015, January 30). Retrieved from

This website stuck with me because it talks about in one part how a coach needs to be coachable, and no other page I researched gave that characteristic which I believe is a key one. No one expects for someone to say a coach needs to be coachable but it makes a lot of sense after reading this blog
Stefan. (2017, April 22). 7 Traits of Successful Soccer Coaches. Retrieved from

This websites gives many traits of a soccer coach which I found to be useful. They talk about being persistent and and proactive as well as positive minded and enjoying the moments. It gives seven really useful tips that can really help when you want to become a coach.

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